Sunday, November 06, 2005

This is what Einstein uses as a subsitute to a crate. He goes under this coffee table when he doesn`t want to be bothered or when he gets scared. I`ve been experimenting with using a clicker to improve my timing with marking Elvis`s down. It`s really been working well. It allows me to have a slight pause between marking it and fumbling to give a treat to him since he knows the exact moment he did something right. He has also started to get all the way down to the point where his elbows touch the ground faster since that`s where I mark it. I figure by the time I run out of treats he should have the down pretty well. I worked on his sit stays with a bunch of kids playing football about 10-15ft away from him and he held almost 100% of the time. He got to play soccer with another group and then we went home. Seeing him play soccer is so funny. He taught our lab how to do it too. He uses his front paws like a cat does. :) I took Morris up to a shopping center near our house for some socialization. He did just what he always does. Walked up to people with his tail wagging and let them pet him. He`s great cause he`s just big enough that people don`t have to bend down to pet him but he isn`t big enough for people to be scared of him.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pics of the boys

This pic is the post below is of Einstein. This is Elvis.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Boys

We, meaning my parents, have 3 neutered male dogs. Their names are Elvis, Einstein, and Morris. They`re at different levels of training right now. They all know sit, down, shake, high five, sit up, wait, be nice, leave it and quiet.Elvis is getting started on his stays and is learning to target a little yellow thingy. We`re working on his recall but it`s not very reliable yet. Einstein knows stays really well. I can go as far as possible in the park(about 100ft) and he won`t break the stay. He also knows drop it, stand(not 100% yet), up, come, and get it. Morris doesn`t know any extra tricks. He`s perfectly happy just being our house companion.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

About me

Hi everybody! Thanks for coming to my blog. This is my first post so I`m just using it to test out my blog.